Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hospitality Industry Benefits from Vacation Giveaways & Certificates

1.    Tell me about your promotional giveaway packages. How do they help bars get patrons inside or on the patio?
Our packages are designed to increase beverage sales and food sales, as well as, creating a fun atmosphere. I suggest using our packages in theme nights. EG: Jamaican me Crazy night, using rum drinks and Red Stripe for beverages and jerk chicken as appetizer special, limbo contest, reggae music and a Jamaican air & hotel package for a giveaway.

            2.    How long has Vacation Adventures been promoting their packages?
We have been in this business for over 26 years, assisting businesses with their promotional needs.
            3.    What should bars consider when deciding on promotions? How can they know it will be the right fit for their bar?
A right fit is getting customers excited about visiting their venue over others. How am I going to be competitive in my marketplace? Are we just satisfied with our usual mundane promotions or are we going to really get customers involved and make us standout.

           4.    What promotions work best for the summer season?
Summer present a unique time of the year, it really depends if they’re in a seasonal location or is everyone in that area going to a lake, beach or some other destination. This is going to determine what days we need to promote. Businesses with outside decks need to make things happen on that deck. Contest, liquor promotions (signature summer drinks) and good music, this is a must for any venue!
Other venues need to create a party, that’s what people are looking for, a place to come into and forget whatever else is going on.

Owners, managers and employees all have to be on the same page. Promotions need to be planned out with input from workers as well as management. View my other Blog on “Art of Promoting.

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