Monday, September 8, 2014

Is Your Business Not Performing to your expectations?

What have you done to make that engine that you call a business run more effectively? Have you looked at the complete picture? Let's focus on an aspect of your business that involves getting more customers in the door or on your website. We offer some simple solutions to this issue.
1. Create a marketing campaign that rewards customers for their loyalty; use a quality incentive.
2. Select a giveaway that customers would like to receive; everyone wants to go on vacations.
3. Do it consistently for the best results daily, weekly or monthly to produce the best results.
When you use vacation certificates there are companies that allow you to print as many as you would like for a monthly fee. How do you expect the results will be? Some where something has to be paid for, you're intelligent enough to know that even at our low prices, we have to insure that your customers will be able to travel.
There's no free lunch, you get what you pay for so be educated and know the difference between as many as you want for a monthly fee or paying for what you need and insuring that your customers will be able to travel.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation Certificates Increase Sales & Leads

Travel Incentives & Vacation Vouchers continue to be a great investments for our customers!

Travel incentives and vacation packages will increase your sales and fundraising goals. If your goal is to turn prospective clients into loyal, happy (spending) customers, drive traffic to your website, or keep your staff happy–our travel vouchers separate you from the competition.
Our customers have learned that travel incentive packages and vacation vouchers are a great investment for businesses.  Whether you begin a sales incentive program, they are great investments for your business program for your employees, or host  advertising campaigns, Vacation Adventures will help increase your brand awareness, leads, and overall productivity.                                                                   Discover the value of Promotional Travel Certificates from an industry leader in incentive travel companies! Our extensive client list includes companies that know the value of creative vacation certificates in boosting business and creating client loyalty. From quality hotel certificates, to corporate travel incentive premiums, to great lead generators, Vacation Adventures is your #1 resource among creative incentive travel companies!                                                                                                                                   Since its inception, our staff has worked tirelessly to provide clients with not only the best premiums at the greatest value, but also the support and professionalism you demand. Doing business with Vacation Adventures puts a team of experts in your corner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hospitality Industry Benefits from Vacation Giveaways & Certificates

1.    Tell me about your promotional giveaway packages. How do they help bars get patrons inside or on the patio?
Our packages are designed to increase beverage sales and food sales, as well as, creating a fun atmosphere. I suggest using our packages in theme nights. EG: Jamaican me Crazy night, using rum drinks and Red Stripe for beverages and jerk chicken as appetizer special, limbo contest, reggae music and a Jamaican air & hotel package for a giveaway.

            2.    How long has Vacation Adventures been promoting their packages?
We have been in this business for over 26 years, assisting businesses with their promotional needs.
            3.    What should bars consider when deciding on promotions? How can they know it will be the right fit for their bar?
A right fit is getting customers excited about visiting their venue over others. How am I going to be competitive in my marketplace? Are we just satisfied with our usual mundane promotions or are we going to really get customers involved and make us standout.

           4.    What promotions work best for the summer season?
Summer present a unique time of the year, it really depends if they’re in a seasonal location or is everyone in that area going to a lake, beach or some other destination. This is going to determine what days we need to promote. Businesses with outside decks need to make things happen on that deck. Contest, liquor promotions (signature summer drinks) and good music, this is a must for any venue!
Other venues need to create a party, that’s what people are looking for, a place to come into and forget whatever else is going on.

Owners, managers and employees all have to be on the same page. Promotions need to be planned out with input from workers as well as management. View my other Blog on “Art of Promoting.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Build your Business Faster & Stronger

Using vacation certificates is the most useful tool for building your business faster and stronger. More people desire vacations over any other giveaway when looking to make their buying decision as a reward. Be ahead of your competition by rewarding customers for their purchase, referring new customer, upgrading to more expansive / expensive products and taking time to visit your business. The use of travel certificates will increase leads, generate more sales and keep customers coming back to your business!
Is your competition doing anything as strong as this? Vacation / travel certificates can be purchased very inexpensively and offer a high perceived value. With vacation incentive certificate packages you're showing potential customers that you want their business and are willing to reward them for choosing your company over the competition.
Pricing for our vacation packages can be as low as $10.00 per package if purchased in large quantities. If your looking to start out with smaller quantity they are around $25.00 to $80.00 range depending on the package and the quantity to may need.
Make a decision based on facts, build your business faster and stronger using vacation certificates as a promotional giveaway. VAI has been doing vacation incentives / certificates for 26 years, our commitment to our clients is sustainable with an A+ rating with the BBB, our integrity is our sustainability, not only with our clients but their customers as well and a knowledge of the industry. We have built long lasting relationships with major airline carriers, cruise-ship carriers and hotel chains and properties that's second to none. Ask our experts how we can build your business faster and stronger.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Things you should be aware of

When selecting a travel incentive or incentive certificate company there are some important things you should be aware of:

• Keep a look out for companies that allow you to resell their vacation certificates to the consumer - There is not one fulfillment company that allows this.  The only companies that do allow this are companies who conduct unethical re-branding which is also known in this industry as “Certing a Cert.”  This is the practice of purchasing a certificate from a fulfillment house, then creating their own certificate and passing the incentive off as their own as if they are the fulfillment company.  In most cases, these unscrupulous businesses do not even have permission from the fulfillment house neither to re-brand certificates nor to resell them to the end users.  It’s”Bait & Switch".  Half the time your customers are confused on who exactly they need to deal with because when customers redeem a certificate from the company that is "Certing a Cert" they just mail them another certificate from the fulfillment company they purchased it from and now your customer has to redeem that one too.  

• Make sure to check out the redemption website - There are many "Fly By Night" certificate incentive companies out there that do not reveal contact info on their certificates nor their redemption websites.  Most "Fly By Night" companies will only provide a redemption website URL on their certificates.  When you go to the website there is not even a company name or contact information backing it.  What are they hiding from? 

• Over priced redemption fees - Compare apples to apples when comparing the fees that your customer would have to pay.  Most companies that conduct the "Certing at Cert" concept have larger redemption fees.  The reason being is because every time a customer redeems a certificate they have to turn around and buy the "real" certificate from the fulfillment company and then they turn around and send that one to your customer to redeem. 
• Fraudulent "Savings" or "Discount" Type Certificates - 99% of "Savings" or "Discount" Certificates are flat our scams.  The unscrupulous incentive company will charge your customers a $10-$20 redemption fee and then they turn around and send your customers a book of coupons, the same "discounts" or "savings" that anyone could duplicate simply by surfing the Internet.  Most "Savings" or "Discount" certificates are not worth the paper they are printed on.  The worst of them is "$1000 In Automobile Discounts" certificate.  People that redeem this one will receive a coupon book with 10%-20% off auto services that you can find just by surfing the internet or picking up your local penny-saver and one of the coupons is a $500 off purchasing an RV, now that is tacky.

• No Expiration Dates? - There are many companies trying to duplicate the service that VAI provides, but they have never succeeded.  These companies allow you to print unlimited certificates without expiration dates and expect you to pay them monthly or annually.  Why would you pay a company like this more than once?  Why wouldn't you just create a million certificates and use them whenever you need them for the rest of your life?  Pay close attention...A company can only be as strong as their business model.  If an incentive company can allow for this to happen, how can they make money?  There are a few companies that will allow you to specify an expiration date but your customer will still be able to redeem the certificate after it expires because their system does not know that you put an expiration date on the certificate. 

• Commissions On Certificates Redeemed? - Again, no fulfillment company out there does this. The only companies that do this are the companies that are "Certing a Cert".  This is how it works:  The unscrupulous incentive company will purchase certificates from a fulfillment company.  Then they will design their own certificate and sell those to the businesses.  When a customer redeems a certificate the unscrupulous incentive company will take out let's say $5 to pay for the actual certificate they had to purchase from the fulfillment company, they will pay the business who gave the certificate away another $1-$10 and they keep $5-$10 for themselves.  Why would you want to make an additional income off of your customers when the point of offering them an incentive in the first place is to get them to do business with you? 
You should know that we are the ONLY incentive company, and we can prove it, that offers an Unlimited Amount of Incentive Vacation Packages to businesses and that fulfills the offers that we produce in house.  We do not transfer your customers over to a 3rd party timeshare/breakage induced fulfillment company like other dishonest certificate companies.  We are the manufacturer of our incentives, so when you deal with us you will be dealing direct.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Myth vs Fact about our packages!

Myth vs Facts about using our Vacations

1.      "I hear these vouchers are just a scam; nobody really travels using them."                                
     Fact: Vacation Adventures International has traveled thousands of satisfied customers in the 26+ years we have been in business. We are a travel incentive certificate company that actually travels your customers more often that our competitors because our pricing of these vacation certificates.

2.   “VAI vouchers have a lot of restrictions and blackout dates.”                                                       
    Fact: The recipients will have a year to complete travel and they will be responsible for any and all taxes associated with the particular package they have received. We ask for 2 travel dates 30 days apart and only major holidays are blacked out.

3.       “It isn’t easy using VAI vouchers; they’re too difficult to understand.”
 Fact: All of the paper work needed is very clear and concise.  The winner will submit all forms to our office, and we suggest it be sent to us by certified mail or some other form that can be tracked. This ensures that the winners know it was delivered to us and we also can track the request ourselves.

4.       “I can purchase vouchers for much less and they’re all about the same.”
 Fact: Some companies sell vouchers for $1.00, really! We at VAI have to charge the prices that we do because we want your winners to travel. Our packages are basically the nuts & bolts of vacation, with a low end cost to the promoter and a high perceived value to the participant. We make a small amount of money when recipients add on to the package they been awarded. Winners will add on extra days, travelers, or even upgrade to an all-inclusive resort. Some others will want rental cars, fishing trips or some other fun events they would like to attend. 

5.       “The airlines are junkets, the rooms are really bad and really bad connections.”
 Fact: We use all commercial airline carriers, depending on the closest departing US International Airport to the traveler. All flights are interconnecting, as with any other travel packages. Additional airfares are comparable in price to other travel sites.   Flights are dependent on the particular airlines booking times and not ours. The accommodations are 3-4 star resorts with upgrades available to all-inclusive or 5 star properties.