Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Myth vs Fact about our packages!

Myth vs Facts about using our Vacations

1.      "I hear these vouchers are just a scam; nobody really travels using them."                                
     Fact: Vacation Adventures International has traveled thousands of satisfied customers in the 26+ years we have been in business. We are a travel incentive certificate company that actually travels your customers more often that our competitors because our pricing of these vacation certificates.

2.   “VAI vouchers have a lot of restrictions and blackout dates.”                                                       
    Fact: The recipients will have a year to complete travel and they will be responsible for any and all taxes associated with the particular package they have received. We ask for 2 travel dates 30 days apart and only major holidays are blacked out.

3.       “It isn’t easy using VAI vouchers; they’re too difficult to understand.”
 Fact: All of the paper work needed is very clear and concise.  The winner will submit all forms to our office, and we suggest it be sent to us by certified mail or some other form that can be tracked. This ensures that the winners know it was delivered to us and we also can track the request ourselves.

4.       “I can purchase vouchers for much less and they’re all about the same.”
 Fact: Some companies sell vouchers for $1.00, really! We at VAI have to charge the prices that we do because we want your winners to travel. Our packages are basically the nuts & bolts of vacation, with a low end cost to the promoter and a high perceived value to the participant. We make a small amount of money when recipients add on to the package they been awarded. Winners will add on extra days, travelers, or even upgrade to an all-inclusive resort. Some others will want rental cars, fishing trips or some other fun events they would like to attend. 

5.       “The airlines are junkets, the rooms are really bad and really bad connections.”
 Fact: We use all commercial airline carriers, depending on the closest departing US International Airport to the traveler. All flights are interconnecting, as with any other travel packages. Additional airfares are comparable in price to other travel sites.   Flights are dependent on the particular airlines booking times and not ours. The accommodations are 3-4 star resorts with upgrades available to all-inclusive or 5 star properties. 

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